Privacy-Friendly Alternatives

To make life easier on the user to follow along, I recommend using the Privacy Redirect Extension on browsers and the Untrack Me app for Android. Here is the link the Chromium and Firefox extension if you wish to do so. Now, here is the list of the websites, alternatives, proxies, and front-ends you can use to more privately browse the web and consume content.

Search Engines

The primary search engine used is Google at . While this is a good search engine, some users might be concerned about the data collection practices and privacy implications of Google usage. There are plenty of alternatives.

Social Media

Social Medias have been an almost essential part of everyday life for the past couple years. A random person you meet has one, two, or more of the following social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit and more. For certain users, who may or may not have an account, there exist privacy-respecting front-ends for some of these websites.

For Twitter we have Nitter, a front-end that requires no Javascript and has no Ads. It comes with a dark theme as the default, does not allow Twitter to fingerprint you via IP or JS, and integrates of a lot of the original functionality. You will not be able to leave a like however.

For Instagram we have Bibliogram, another privacy respecting front-end. There is also Barinsta for Android if you need to view images, but not post anything.

For Reddit, many users choose to use Libreddit, or Old Reddit. There are also various Reddit front-ends for users who do not want to use the official app on android. This includes Slide and Stealth, both available on the F-Droid app store.

Google Maps, Translate and Mail

Due to these having few alternatives and all being Google products, I will place them together.


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